Integrated Branding solutions based on R&D, Competition and SWOT analysis, Dynamic Artwork and Strategic action plan are provided to our valuable clients. We know all about the 5 P's: product, placement, pricing, promotion and of course person! Interpreting the 5th ``P``=person will diverse your campaign and explode your results!
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The House of Opportunities

Team Effort . Research & Development . Creativity . Networking

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    We always work on all projects as duo; none is walking alone!

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    Before we suggest, we study the competitors and the market!

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    First impressions last! We love to receive compliments for our art!

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    PR techniques and right channels or synergies differentiates our results!

Creating Customer Connections.

One of HOB’s core vision is to bring brands and products together with joined synergies and forces. Therefor you will already see into the market the concept of Shop_in_Shop or some of our clients’ products to be promoted or sold to some of clients’ venues.

Growing with HOB

It is very important and yet… one of our successful missions, that our clients are growing even more, next to us and with us. Feeling homey and growing homey is a HOB_attitude!

Next Generation Branding

Through elite consulting and high-end services, clients are provided with efficient tools for brand management. The team of devoted professionals collaborate in providing a complete and discreet service that is time-effective, quality and client–oriented.

Capturing the Future

Marketing for Everyone

Marketing trends quickly change in the online and offline world. This changing landscape and market means your audience is not only growing with each technological advance, but is also becoming more and more reachable. With the possibility of being abandoned in a world of rapidly changed processes, what can you do to keep on top of your marketing?

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