House of Brands | HOB…. It’s is all about the identity!

We are an Integrated Branding Project Management Factory that manages the branding, communication and marketing development of companies, products and public figures!  We have built a network of experts resourcing the top ones at every field of our operation (branding | marketing | communication | artwork) in order to implement exceptional results and innovation. We have the ability to assign tasks to associates based on their expertise. We coordinate and evaluate them presenting to our clients a complete plan for their actions and needs. We develop relations and cross synergies in the market strengthening the Points of Sales and the public image.

We believe to the power of Integrated Branding and Communication!

-Integrated branding management
Integrating all components of a brand into one coherent action plan enables the achievement of its purpose and mission.

-Following the strategy
There is no comfort zone when we are planning a strategy! We are faith to our clients’ mission and vision as structured in cooperation with our team of experts.

-Realism and Optimism
Structuring optimistic plans convincing the investors for the ability of a company to execute the market opportunity. Being realistic portrays credibility. Balance is the secret! 

-Efficient Communication (ROI)
The usage of new media allows accurate results regarding the Return On Investment; the efficiency of the usage differentiates the campaigns explodes the expected results.

-Resourcing the experts
No more All In One solutions! Identifying trends in best practice and priorities we resource the experts across the globe subcontracting them, for innovative solutions!

-Interpreting the market
Staying tuned with the political, social and financial circumstances surrounding our clients allow us to be proactive! We are always ready to face any unstable factor that may influence the whole strategy!